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This is more than a race ...

This is Talladega.

'Nuff said.

But of course I'll have a lot more to say (and a lot more pics to share!) when I get home, get unpacked, and get a little rest. Check back soon!

Crown Royal Black

Wow, 2 posts in 2 days after nothing for weeks. Be excited, y'all!

I found out at the last minute today that Matt Kenseth's #17 showcar was in Guntersville for a few hours, so we made a mad dash down there to see it. Or, as my dad put it, we chased tornadoes on Tuesday for fun and a racecar on Wednesday to relax. LOL!

Facebook has made me lazy about posting pictures. Now I just stick them in public galleries and share the link. Even if you're not a Kenseth (or NASCAR for that matter) fan, I hope you'll at least enjoy the semi-witty captions I added.

BTW, look for this same car in the race on Sunday! Not sure exactly what happened to Matt's original car, but the hauler driver said something happened to it and as soon as this appearance was over, he was driving this car down to Dega. It's one of their actual racecars, one of the backup superspeedway cars, instead of the standard "showcar" that a lot of the teams trot out for appearances.

Follow the link to see the #17!


It's effin' funnelling!

For those of you who don't get the reference, sorry.

You might have heard that we had a bit of exciting weather around here today. I love the sound of tornado sirens! I ended up with some excellent pics, without hardly even trying. We followed one storm just a few miles from home and got some great pics. Then we went to town to do some shopping and had a funnel cloud pass literally a parking lot away. I have the pics up in public galleries on Facebook if anyone's interested in seeing all of them, and I'll include the links here. But I'm also posting my 2 favorite pics of the day here. For those of you in the area, the first was taken near the Publix shopping center on Winchester Road. The second was in Jones Valley in the Target shopping center parking lot. I was the idiot standing out in the parking lot taking the pics while everyone else was making a mad dash for the middle of the store ...

Click thumbnails for full-sized pics, obviously.

Full gallery links:
Publix/Gurley/Paint Rock
Target/Jones Valley


New layout!

I was getting a little tired of the minimalist layout here at my LiveJournal so I put up a new one this evening, courtesy of The Fulcrum. It's still more minimal than I usually use, but at least it's kinda colorful. :-) Testing the new LJ / FB crosspost thingie, too ....

LJ / FB Connect

Testing the new LiveJournal / Facebook Connect thingie to see if I set it correctly. It's supposed to cross-post my public LJ entries to FB. Not that I make a lot of public entries these days. But still a nice option to have ...


"See? I'm not very good at being bad."

Friends only. Sorta.

July 11, 2010: I'm making my journal semi-friends only for now. Most of it will still be public, I just want to make a few entries FO and it's easier to do it this way. Scroll down to see public entries made before 07/11/10. Newer public entries should appear above this entry, until they push the FO banner off the page and I redo the date of this entry. Confused? Don't be. Just keep checking back. :-)

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Bristol countdown!

The Bristol countdown clock has reached ... 5 days!

I still can't believe I won the tickets! I've entered so many contests and never won a thing and then I manage to pick the winner of a race (McMurray at Indy) and get Bristol tickets! I don't know which I'm more excited about: going to my first Sprint Cup race or getting to finally see Jimmie Johnson in person! And of course it gets better: I get to go to Bristol this weekend and am going to Talladega on Halloween as my birthday present. This is a really good year to be a NASCAR fan. :-) Anyway ...

I was looking through the Bristol photo gallery this morning and ran across this picture. From the seating charts, it looks like this will be about the view we have at the race. (Jealous yet? :-) If anything, we'll be a few rows higher, we're only about 10 rows from the top (which is a good thing at a NASCAR race) and I think the view in this pic is several rows lower. But it's the closest I've been able to find.

Bristol Motor Speedway

We have a great view of Victory Circle. Now if only I'll get to see Jimmie or Carl there!