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Bristol countdown!

The Bristol countdown clock has reached ... 5 days!

I still can't believe I won the tickets! I've entered so many contests and never won a thing and then I manage to pick the winner of a race (McMurray at Indy) and get Bristol tickets! I don't know which I'm more excited about: going to my first Sprint Cup race or getting to finally see Jimmie Johnson in person! And of course it gets better: I get to go to Bristol this weekend and am going to Talladega on Halloween as my birthday present. This is a really good year to be a NASCAR fan. :-) Anyway ...

I was looking through the Bristol photo gallery this morning and ran across this picture. From the seating charts, it looks like this will be about the view we have at the race. (Jealous yet? :-) If anything, we'll be a few rows higher, we're only about 10 rows from the top (which is a good thing at a NASCAR race) and I think the view in this pic is several rows lower. But it's the closest I've been able to find.

Bristol Motor Speedway

We have a great view of Victory Circle. Now if only I'll get to see Jimmie or Carl there!



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Aug. 17th, 2010 06:11 am (UTC)
Andrea, I REALLY hope your ex-husband and his family are still stalking your blog! They've got to be green with envy reading about the great life you're living now without them and all the places you're getting to go and things you're getting to see...... especially since he's the one who got you into NASCAR in the first place! Oh wait, didn't he say he "didn't like watching NASCAR anymore"? Too bad, his loss, in more ways than one.

BTW I can't wait to finally meet you at Dega! If I'd known earlier that you were going to Bristol I would have flown out for the race. It's my favorite track of course. But then it's only a couple of months until Dega and we are going to have so much fun together!

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