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Talk louder. It makes you more right.

Formerly Tortietude
12 November
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-- Formerly Tortietude. But she still oozes tortietude, despite the LJ name change.
-- Female.
-- 30's.
-- Single.
-- Reads a lot and is really addicted to her Kindle.
-- Dreams of moving to Tornado Alley and making a living chasing tornadoes. ($$$$$, eep!)
-- Or possibly going back to school and becoming a vet. (Even more $$$$$, eep!)
-- Until then, makes a living designing websites and working for a vet. And playing with every single furball that walks through the door.
-- Loves her pets unconditionally, even when they drive her bonkers. Cats: Emma, Boo, Hannah; dog: Amy (short for Amaretto). Hannah is usually the drives-her-bonkers one.
-- Is not a crazy cat lady. Honest.
-- Surprisingly well-adjusted given a crappy ex-husband and ugly divorce.
-- Dream man: Reed Timmer. Dream man #2: Phil Keoghan. Dream man #3: Carl Edwards. (Hey, it's good to have options.)
-- Has a pink laptop and is not ashamed to admit it.
-- Loves country music, the Corrs, and Didier Lean Rachou.
-- Did I mention she's really addicted to her Kindle? It's like crack. Or an iPhone.
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